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  Corporate Capture21 is Benchmark’s unique, web-based application that allows merchants to submit accurate, balanced imaged deposits to the bank using secure file protocols. These images are retained in a central SQL server where the bank can provide the highest level of security protecting both merchant and bank. Deposit images are then converted into industry standard X9 formatted files.

The bank has complete control over deposit frequency, number of items per deposit, dollar amount per deposit, or per day, maximum dollar amount for a single item. These are just a few of the many parameters that are easily set up by the bank. A wide variety of timely report formats come standard with Corporate Capture21.

Based on bank-defined business rules, merchants may use standard deposit tickets or let the system create virtual tickets. The bank has complete control over which merchants and which of their operators have access to the system and the bank sets their authority levels. Benchmark applications support multiple sign-on schemes to provide security for the bank and their users.

Each merchant running Corporate Capture21 will have a scanner at each workstation. The CAR/LAR engine built into Corporate Capture21 reads and compares the dollar amount and the OCR reads the MICR line to insure accuracy. Duplicate detection is a standard feature to insure that the same check is presented only once.

There are dramatic and measurable benefits and positive ROI for both the bank and its merchant customers. In addition to our software, Benchmark provides a comprehensive program that includes scanners, scanner support, training, and proven marketing materials to assist in the success of your program.

For a definitive look at our products and capabilities, please Email us today to schedule a presentation and talk to one our specialists: (800) 554 - 4582
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